Thursday, April 22, 2010

Review of

On a recent "This Week in Tech" from Leo Laporte's TWIT network Veronica Belmont almost offhandedly mentioned  I'd never heard of this shopping site but took a look.

I have wanted a longer recharging cable for my iPad, so I ordered that and one other cable.  With First Class postage, the two cables came to $5.64.  You read that right, five dollars and change.

I ordered it Sunday night.  I received e-mails from them acknowledging the order, and another telling me it had shipped Monday.  That e-mail included a First Class tracking number.  I didn't know that even existed.  I was able to track to the order at the site.

The cables arrived Wednesday.

Monoprice carries an assortment of cables, adaptors, power supplies and other accessories.  I'll definitely use them again.

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