Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some things are better on a tablet

Odd. Yesterday's traffic to this blog was more than it has been in weeks, and I haven't posted anything yet this week.

I continue to poke at my iPad, trying to figure out what works and what doesn't with it.  One thing I've found are certain web pages just work better on the tablet form factor.

In fact, I pretty much now use the Twitter web page instead of a Twitter client when on the iPad.  It's just easier and faster at scrolling, and access to Lists and other Twitter features are right there.

I use TweetDeck on my desktop.  On the iPad it would often lag in scrolling while it downloaded profile photos; something I really don't need.

I added Twitterific but it makes noises I don't want and I can't find how to turn them off.  What am I missing?

And it seems easier to get through my back log of Google Reader items on the iPad.  Just being able to pick up the iPad when I have a free moment, lets me run though items briefly before I have to put down the iPad and do something else (like, maybe talk to people??)

One aspect of the iPad I can't get over, and I never see it mentioned in other places.  It is so easy to share something you find online with someone.  Just turn the iPad so they can see it, or hand it to them.  It seems to happen a couple times a day.  You can't easily do that with a computer.

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