Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Transcribe your voice notes and send to Evernote

Evernote announced their new sort-of-an-app store today, calling it The Trunk.  It will be a  good way to keep up-to-date with all the various tools, add-ons, integrations and hardware set to work with Evernote.

One product they featured in the press briefing this morning was Dial2Go's  Dial2Note.  It allows you to dial a phone number, record a message and the first 30 seconds is transcribed and the text put into your Evernote account so it is searchable.

The free service allows five messages a month, while the unlimited service is $30 a year. could get a free Google Voice account and similar capability for free.

First, you have to setup your Google Voice for to record messages when you call it from your own cell phone.  I have covered that before in this post.

Then you have to setup your Google Voice to send the transcriptions to your Evernote e-mail address. Google Voice can be set to email me the transcription or text it to me. I have it do both.

The text alerts me quicker to the existence of the voice mail.

I setup a filter in my Gmail account so that any transcription emails from Google Voice are automatically forwarded to my Evernote acccount.

Think about that for a minute. All transcriptions of my voice mails and dictated notes from myself are now stored in one location and readily searchable by me from my desktop or via the web from my phone or anywhere I can connect to the web.

Of course, I can search the transcripts at the Google Voice site too, but by sending them into Evernote, they become part of my overall collection with my other documents and notes. And in Evernote, I then have a backup copy of the transcripts should anything happen to them while they reside only on Google (unlikely I know).

My single test of Dial2Note had perfect transcription.  Google Voice rarely transcribes perfectly.  And if you pay for the Dial2Note service, you can audio tag your notes by ending them with something like "tag with todo item".  You cannot do that with Google Voice.  If you like this Google Voice/Evernote hack you may want to subscribe to Dial2Note to get better transcription and tagging.

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  1. Reqall, for iPhone or Android, is good too. I like Remember the Milk for a task list, so I record/transcribe notes on Reqall, they are sent to my Gmail, then when I process inbox, I send to RTM or Evernote as appropriate. A logical progression of Evernote would be to add transcription of voice notes, IMHO.

    The thing about Reqall that is better than GV or Dial2Note is that Reqall is recording locally, so it results in a better quality recording (rather than over the lower-bitrate transcoded mobile network), so presumably, it is a better quality transcription.