Friday, December 17, 2010


I amassed something like 4000 bookmarks in Delicious before I moved them to Evernote.  I was saddened yesterday to hear what turned out to be rumor only, that Yahoo was shutting down the service.

Today, the Delicious Blog suggests they will seek a buyer for the service.

Meanwhile, Evernote, having previously disabled the Delicious import I used when I transitioned, published a new method for importing from Delicious.

My only regret about not using Delicious was that I was no longer participating in a community.  There was a social aspect of sharing your bookmarks in public.  When you searched Delicious, you could tell how many others had posted the same bookmark--effectively a recommendation.

When you found someone who bookmarked on a topic you liked, you could see all their bookmarks on that topic.  I found a lot of gems doing that.

Of course I could still get that information after moving my bookmarks, but was no longer participating in building that group wisdom.  I felt a little guilty about it.

Of course, I was always mindful any bookmark I posted to Delicious was accessible to anyone.  People could learn a lot about my interests, politics, concerns and other details about my life.

I hope they find a buyer.  I hope that buyer finds a way to integrate and perhaps sync my bookmarks in Evernote that I don't mind being public, to their database so I can again participate.

Phil Libin?  Something you might be interested in?

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