Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First weekend with an Android phone

We've had the phones for a few days now.  Having used an iPad, and a iPod Touch extensively, I think I'm in a pretty good place to compare and contrast.

The geek in me loves the Android phone.  I can see into the phone easily.  When I hook it to my PC, I can see the entire file structure.  It is easy then to move movies, photos and such on and off the phone.

The internal memory is not so big, but I can put up to a 32 gig SD card into the phone.  It comes with a 2 gig card which I filled in the first two days.  I put in the 8 gig card I had bought from my old Instinct, and it works fine.  But still, the internal memory is 70% full.  Many apps, some major ones in fact, do not yet allow you to move the app to the SD card.  One such app happened to update today to a version that did prermit copying to the SD card, so I guess that will likely improve in time.

Meanwhile, all the capabilities I had on the iPod Touch are there with two exceptions.  I cannot stream video from Netflix, nor can I play Words with Friends.  I do a not of Words with my wife and mother, so I have to go find the iPod when I need to play.

Something else I an do with the Android I cannot easily or affordably do with the iPhone, is develop for it.  I'm not sure I will, but I'll be playing with that capability in the next few weeks and see how it goes.

I'm not a music lover, so I don't really miss iTunes.  I use Google Listen to subscribe to my podcasts.  If I were a iTunes user, I could use DoubleTwist to get my iTunes music onto the phone.

So far, the only pet peeve I've developed is I can't find a way to set a default ring sound for the included alarm clock.  I'll have to poke around the Marketplace some.


  1. Just re-read this and the last post. I never said, but i received the LG Optimus S phone.

  2. So to sum up... An Android Phone isn't a bad choice, when you want to omit Steve Job's gilded cage?