Friday, December 10, 2010

Smartphones for the Family, again

When this blog was about a month old, I documented my thinking when choosing our family's first Smartphone.  Its been two years so our contract is finally up.  My wife thrilled me with the announcement that a new phone for me, and also for her and my son, were to be my birthday present.

I have literally been shopping for this phone for over two years.  Even when I bought the Instincts in December of 2008, I knew I ultimately wanted an Android phone.  Then, only the G1 was out, and solely on T-Mobile.  I knew our street didn't get good coverage on T-Mobile.  I didn't want to stay with Verizon; the only company that could reach our street.  Sprint had affordable service, and a Femtocell, the Airave.  That would give me excellent coverage in the house.

Note:  I spoke before the County Planning Council two weeks ago in support of a T-Mobile cell tower that will give us more options during the next contract renewal.

Having chosen Sprint back in 2008, I then looked at their Smartphones.  There were not many, but the Instinct was then about six months old and affordable at $100 each.

You would think my exposure to the iPad, and to an iPod Touch this year would make me want an iPhone now.  Being a gadget lover, I want to try something different.  Also, I like the idea that I can develop for the Android much easier and affordably then for the iPhone.  I might never do it, but I want the option.  I am an old Visual Basic 3.0 and PHP programmer although I've lapsed somewhat in the last couple of years.

I decided to stay with Sprint.  I love the idea of their EVO, but the $10 a month 4g tax would have come to $720 for our three phones over the life of the contract.   When I chose the Instinct, the option was to go with the iPhone.  When it comes to technology, I know that "best" and "pretty good" in quality are usually closer together than their costs.  In other words, "pretty good" is usually a better value.  That is true today with Sprint's selection of Android phones.  I went with the LG Optimus S.  At $49 per phone, all the reviews I have read indicate it is a good value.

I have gathered a few notes on Android together on a separate Android page on this blog.  It will be a dynamic page, so if you are interested in Android, be sure to check it out periodically.

I just got off the phone with Sprint.  The phones should be here next week.\

Cancelled the Sprint order.  Best Buy has them for free with 2 year contract.  I have them now.

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