Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Will greed kill Android tablets?

James Kendrick rants in ZDNET.com that pricing for Android tablets is unrealistic.  I couldn't agree more.

I've keep waiting for a tablet to come out competitive with the low end of the iPad.  We have an iPad and am quite happy with it.  So much so, I would like one or two more.  Tablets are really a personal device.  Sharing one among three people works but we miss out on a lot of the productivity a tablet can bring.

Every tablet that comes out seems to be burdened with "nice-to-have" features that drive up the price.  Videoconferencing?  I wouldn't do it very often, so you can nix the two cameras.  Cell access with a new monthly fee?  My phone has hot spot capability.  Besides, most of the  time I'd need info outside my home or another wi-fi access point, I'd use my phone to get.

You would think the market would take notice of how many people are snapping up Barnes and Nobles Color Nook for $250, really a low end Android tablet, and rooting it for installation of a full Android experience.

Someone needs to come out with a sub $400 wi-fi only Android tablet (sub $300 would be better) and watch the market explode.

As my brother said when the iPad came out "I want one for every room in the house."  They aren't going to be in every room of the house, in cars, and in every school kid's back pack if the market stays greedy.

Give us good-enough at a competitive price, instead of trying to play Apple's game.  They are the best at delivering high end, pricey hardware.  As the PC market shows, the other manufacturers are best at delivering the better overall value.

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