Friday, April 22, 2011

Hangar One is being dismantled

For most people their sole knowledge of giant, rigid airships is the Hindenberg and the fire that destroyed it.

How many know that the US Navy once had a small fleet of these giant cruisers of the air?  They are all gone now.

The one tie we have had to this unique facet of aviation history is a few former hangers.  I had the pleasure a dozen years ago to go inside Moffett Field's Hangar One.  Before that I loved driving by on 101 and seeing it standing open.

Now sad news that it is being torn down.


  1. I also loved driving by it. So massive and mysteries.

  2. i was briefly stationed at moffett field from 1980-81. i was in awe the first time i saw the outside of the building. i was in deeper awe the first time i walked inside. i believe at Christmas time, they wld put a star on the top of the building. it was quite impressive. i just heard it was being torn down. it saddens me very much.