Monday, August 8, 2011

$10 Broadband to Families that need it most

There seems to be more and more every day that can only be done online.  Finding out what your kid is doing at school, emailing your boss, emailing your kids teacher, finding a better job, finding work at all, and so much more.

Thankfully libraries offer free internet access to those that do not have access to the net otherwise.  However, that time is limited and for someone in a bad place in life, finding the time maybe while working two jobs to take a bus or two to the library to get online for an hour is daunting.

In exchange for approval of the acquisition of NBC by Comcast, Comcast agreed to make broadband available for $10 a month to low income families.

Comcast has a website now explaining the program.  If a family has even one child in the free lunch program, they are entitled to inexpensive internet.

Some are saying those of us all ready overpaying for broadband are subsidizing this program.  True.  But, our costs wouldn't go down if this program is eliminated, and it is not going up because of it.  More access to the net by all is a good thing for society.  Finland thinks this so strongly it considered broadband access to be a basic human right.

Until we can figure out a way to make the duopoly that controls our broadband to provide higher speed access for the great rates often seen in other countries (PDF link). this $10 a month internet for needy families is the best we can do.

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