Thursday, May 31, 2012

Google Voice adds Anonymous caller handling

Boy, did I misunderstand this feature!

The correct take is : Google Voice now lets you specify different rules for callers whose numbers are not in your contact list.  That's  a good thing.

The original post is below so you can see what I thought it was.  By the way, it would not be bad if they had this feature too.

 Don't you just love callers who want your attention, but respect you so little they block their caller id?  What a wonderful way of telling you that they know better then you how you should spend your time.

It is of my pet peeves.  It happens most on my home phone, but now at least I can control it when someone calls my Google Voice number.  Almost no one has my real cell number.  The number I give out is my GV number.

Now, if someone calls my GV number, GV lets me route that call direct to voice mail if I want.  I can even make a unique voice mail message for them.  Mine now says "Since you Call to me is anonymous, it has been automatically routed to voice mail.  Please leave me a message."

The first one I recorded said "Since your call is anonymous by blanking out your Caller ID, I have routed it to voice mail.  You may leave me a message which will receive the same respect as you have given me by deciding I didn't need to know who is calling."  It felt good to record, but I decided it sounded a bit harsh for the few people who might have screwed up Caller ID through no fault of their own.

We are at war with telemarketers.  Thank you Google for giving us some weapons.

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