Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sometimes you have to shake things up

I've fallen behind in a lot of my computing tasks.  My tablet could do 90% of what I needed to do, and that became a bit too seductive.

My computer was in my home office, which was my actual office for eleven years.  Is it any wonder, when that job ended, I was happy to not spend time in that office more then I absolutely had to?

When our dog developed mobility problems, and was sequestered to one floor, I moved the computer to a table next to my easy chair and tried using it there.  That way I could make him understand we were not punishing him.

I got a bit more done, but it was not as comfortable as a desk.

Now I've set up the computer on a table in a room that is not my home office, where I am more in the main flow of my family.  I have been able to get more done in the first two days then I have done in quite a while.

I suspect I'll go back to the home office eventually, especially if I need to start dong Skype video calls or the like, but for now the break is good.

How can you shake up your work environment to make things better?

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