Friday, June 15, 2012

Shared Notebook and Web Clipper improvements in Windows Client

If you use Evernote Shared Notebooks to collaborate with others, the latest update to Windows client automatically shows you when changes have been made to the Notebook.

Not only is Evernote a fantastic tool for keeping track of all your information, but also for managing the common knowledge a team needs.

Also, the Web Clipper for Chrome has been upgraded.  Now when you save a web page to Evernote, it will show you related web pages, and other web pages you have saved before from that web domain.

Whenever you clip a Web page, in addition to saving the content to your account, you’ll see a redesigned popup appear in the top right of the browser window. In this popup are two tabs. One shows Related Notes and the other shows every item that you’ve ever clipped from the domain that you’re visiting.

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