Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Facebook saddens me during election season

Everyone's Facebook stream in the US is now littered with friend's political posts. 

I do not mind original, thoughtful, researched, fair, and coherent political posts even if they are for the party I do not lean towards.  In fact I'd welcome original, thoughtful, researched, fair, and coherent posts about the opposing point-of-view.  How else can I learn, and maybe even shift my position?

Instead, what I mostly see are regurgitation from the propaganda machines on each side.  Posts are too often not sourced at all, or sourced from such a highly partisan site as to be utterly worthless.

Too many political arguments can be blown out of the water with ten seconds of Googling.  That does not make me feel warm and fuzzy about the merits of that person's views.

It saddens me to constantly be reminded to for too many Americans, they regard themselves as Patriots for supporting their party before their country.  And regard those in the other party as traitors, not merely those with an opposing view.

I probably have friends ticked off too by my political posts.

So it occurred to me, we already can choose who sees a Facebook past:  Public, Friends, Friends but not Acquaintances, Custom or a List.

What if we could also tag our Posts: 

  • Major Life Announcement  (marriages, new babies, new jobs)
  • Minor Life Announcement  (Good grades, new car, visitors)
  • Daily Life (what I had for breakfast)
  • Political Rant
  • General Rant
  • I need a Hug

Then for each friend you can chose to see all posts, or hide certain types of posts from your stream.

It might make reading your News Steam a little more enjoyable.

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