Saturday, March 23, 2013

Google Keep - An Introduction

Two things I am most passionate about in computing is Evernote, and Google services.

I've been a passionate user of Evernote since 2008.  I even wrote a book about it.

And I've been a user of Gmail, Google Drive , Calendar, Tasks, and Voice.  Those all are in my default set of tabs that load in every time I start up, yes, Google Chrome.

So it is with mixed feelings that I introduce Google Keep.  Keep is Google's new tools to store random bits of information.

It was released just this past Wednesday as both a web app, and an Android app.

I first wrote about it in three posts on my blog that supports my book.  There I wrote three posts of interest to Evernote users.

The first post was a simple announcement of Keep.

Then remembering the recent closure of Google Reader, I wondered, and I found others were too, if we could trust Keep to stick around.  No point in putting all our information in it, only to see Keep disappear in a few years.  I wrote about that.

Then it hit me.  When I first started to understand what Google Glass was going to be able to do, I thought what a great input tool it would be for Evernote.

If I had followed that thought through the first time I had it, I would have predicted either the creation of Keep, or Google's acquisition of Evernote.  I wrote about that too.

My loyalty remains with Evernote.  Not only does it have the power I want now (Keep is a toy compared now to Evernote) but of course, Evernote has my Notes; over 15,000 of them.

 But...I know Keep is going to iterate fast and become pretty powerful.  I am going to keep a close eye on it, and write about it.  I'll do that writing here, not on is for products I've written about in an e-book, and that is Evernote.  Ideas from Mark Stout, this blog, is more for my inquiries into new technology, and Keep is definitely that.

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