Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Web is 20 years old today

On April 30, 1993, CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), publicly revealed their new creation, the World Wide Web.

Tim Berners-Lee's team had created the web to share information among computer users all over the world.

This was the first web page.

The Web has taken us way past academics sharing information.

Look around.  Do you see many record stores?  Video tape or DVD rental stores?  Do you have to go to high school reunions to keep up with old friends?  \

The impact of the web is great.  I think there is more government transparency, although we have a ways to go.

So many businesses have been disrupted :  travel agents, newspapers, retail, music, television, film, 

You have to wonder, what will the next 20 years bring?

[News story about CBS.com]

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  1. Indded and a big Happy Birthday WWW from Texas. Few things have shown the good and bad of humankind as well as the Web. Good, bad, tasteless, classic - it's all there for everyone to see. Goodbye privacy - an item posted is instantaneously an item for posterity - like it or not. Want to see real anarchy? Look at the unregulated Web. Want to see excellence in information sharing? Look at the Web. It's kinda like that first ride on a great rollercoaster only ot lasts much longer. Never thought I'd match that thrill I fely on the coaster at Lakeside Park in Denver almost 60 years ago. Thanks Mark - for getting me interested in this stuff back at the Shack.