Thursday, September 11, 2014

Family Tech: The new phones of September

The two new iPhone's were not the only cell phones announced in September.

Read about the iPhones and the others, in the latest Family Tech.
Starting with the September issue, Family Tech also appears in Washington Family Magazine.  You can find the magazine at these locations.

It will be a column that previously appeared in the Prince William Today newspaper, so if you have discovered Family Tech through the magazine, and want to read more Family Tech, be sure to pickup the paper each week.  You can subscribe to a digital version or have it delivered.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Finding your lost iPhone or Android phone

Had a friend ask today how kids in her high school could locate a lost or stolen smartphone.  Instead of answering by email, I decided to write it here for all.

These methods will work only if your phone is turned on, and is in a place it can make contact.  If it isn't these methods can wait until the phone is visible on the cell network.


On a PC, go to

Login with the phone owner's iTune username and password

When this page appears, click "Find My Phone"

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sulu on Net Neutrality

"Well, this audience was built not by them, but by our efforts, by our creativity. And once we have that audience built, they want to charge us for it?" -- George Takei, talking about Internet Neutrality in an interview with The Washington Post.

It was your tax dollars that designed and built the Internet. It is your posting to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumbler etc. that makes the content that compels others to use the Internet.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wow! Evernote hits one hundred million users

My favorite tool is also loved by over a 100,000,000 people.  Evernote announced the milestone in a blog post today.

It is an awesome tool.  If you are not using it, you should.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

An Open Email to the FCC

For background on this topic, please read the editorial I wrote for

Subject:  Please be a proper steward of the Internet

Please be a responsible steward for all the American people when you take action regarding the Internet.
The Internet is as important as the Transcontinental Railroad was in the 19th Century, and the Rural Electrification Project, and the Interstate Highway System were in the 20th.  A free and open Internet is the critical infrastructure the 21st Century will be remembered.
It is up to you to protect it for everyone.
Most new jobs come from small companies, not large corporations.  And today to start a new business, even ones not entirely in cyberspace, the small companies need a level playing field online. 
The voices of the large players in this matter reach your ears readily.  Please listen also to people like me, ordinary citizens who recognize the importance of a free and open Internet.
Please take care when representing all of us. 
Thank you for your time.

I sent this to the following people, 

  • Thomas Wheeler Chairman Tel: 202-418-1000 Fax: 334-242-0921
  • Mignon L. Clyburn Commissioner Tel: 202-418-2100
  • Michael O'Rielly Commissioner Tel: 202-418-2300
  • Ajit Pai Commissioner Tel: 202-418-2000
  • Jessica Rosenworcel Commissioner Tel: 202-418-2400
  • Staff
  • Sean Lev General Counsel Tel: 202-418-1980
  • Ruth Milkman Chief of Staff Tel: 202-418-0600
  • Kris Monteith Acting Chief, Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau Tel: 202-418-1098
  • David Simpson Rear Admiral, Bureau Chief, Office of Public Safety & Homeland Security Tel: 202-418-1300
  • Nick Sinai Director, Office of Energy & Environment Tel: 202-418-0534
  • Julie Veach Chief, Wireline Competition Bureau Tel: 202-418-1500
  • Marlene H. Dortch Secretary Tel: 888-225-5322
  • Jane Jackson Associate Bureau Chief, Wireline Competition Bureau Tel: 202-418-1500 Fax: 202-418-2825

If you want to send one as well, here is a comma delimited list of the email addresses :,,,,,,,,,,,,

Friday, May 9, 2014

Family Tech: A way to manage all your passwords, easily.

I finally broke down and started using a password manager.  What took me so long?

It's a good idea, and the topic of this Family Tech column.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Family Tech: Girls and Engineering

Building things is how a nation builds wealth.  New efforts hope to attract girls to engineering.

The latest Family Tech column is online.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Adobe Creative Cloud Trials Reset (Try them again!)

If you ever did the free 30 day trial of Adobe's Creative Cloud where you get free access to programs like Photoshop, Premiere and their other great apps, you can do it again.

Adobe has hit reset.  Now everyone can do a 30 day free trial.  Even if they did it before.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Family Tech: That video you purchased you may not own

Did you know you can buy a video, and later it will be deleted from your library, and you do not receive a refund?

It's all legal.  Disney did it at Christmas.

Family Tech column online today.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Libraries are cool again

This is a test of posting automatically from Pocket and using  I thought I would try it to start posting more here, using things I find interesting from around the web.

American libraries, the argument goes, are in crisis. They've had their funding cut, been forced to fire staff members, and close branches across the country. But, as Pacific Standard explains, that perception isn't entirely accurate.

from Pocket


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Thirty years ago today, I demoed a Mac while Steve Jobs watched.

Two days ago, January 24th, was the 30th anniversary of the now famous 1984 ad during the Superbowl
announcing the first Apple Macintosh.

According to news reports from last Friday, the Mac then hit the stores two day later, or thirty years ago today.

It was on that day I had my geekiest moment in my long life and career in technology.

Steve Jobs saw me demonstrating the Macintosh.

I was recently at a tech meeting that had many Apple faithful in it.  We were asked to go around the room and each tell one interesting them about themselves.

I told this story.

I wrote a blog post about it five years ago on the 25th anniversary.  The link is here.