Monday, July 20, 2015

Evernote has a new CEO

Evernote announced today on their blog that Chris O'Neill is their new CEO.  O'Neill replaces the founding CEO, Phil Libin.

O'Neill comes from Google.  I've long thought Google should buy Evernote, but I don't see this as a prelude to that happening.  A Googler has never become a CEO of a company that Google was interesting in acquiring, that I know about.

Business Insider is reporting 
Libin will remain as executive chairman.

The move comes a month after Libin revealed in an interview with The Information of his intention to step down.

Libin told Recode that his decision to resign is largely due to his lack of passion leading a company that's about to go public."
I've interacted with Libin on line, and hope he enjoys his new roll, and that Evernote continues to thrive.

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