Saturday, October 31, 2015

New IFTTT Capabilities for Evernote


I have always found using IFTTT to send things into Evernote useful.  I currently have all Starred Gmail's, Saved Reddit posts, Archived posts in Pocket, and more all flow into Evernote, thanks to  

When my wife showed me Trello, I found Evernote and IFTTT didn't work together quite as well as I hoped.

If you haven't checked out Trello,it is a more visual version kind of Evernote.  It is great for doing some kinds of project management.  I do not actually use it, but I could see myself using it for a future project.

One drawback when I looked at Trello was it didn't have a Web Clipper.  You couldn't just save a web page to Trello.

I had the bright idea of capturing the web page to Evernote, and then have IFTTT to move the post from Evernote to Trello.

Alas, I had never looked at the Triggers IFTTT supported for Evernote.  It didn't have one to take a new note and copy it to another service.

Now good news.  Thursday IFTTT announced two new triggers to Evernote.  New Note in Notebook and, New Note with Specific Tag.

I immediately thought of my problem I'd had with Trello, and apparently, so did Trello.

There are many things you can do with these triggers.  I haven't played with it much yet, but I could see having a free blog at Blogger where you can post Notes created in Evernote to blogger.

IFTTT's blog entry on this suggested similar things.

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