Saturday, December 19, 2015

Family Tech: Don’t leave a digital roadmap when you leave for the holidays

Are you are going away for the holidays and do you plan to share your adventures via social media? There is a group who will pay rapt attention – and most importantly – when you will be home.


I’ve always found it unsettling how much information about being away from home

some share online. Recently, a young couple we know avidly documenting 
their cruise.

Another friend, who travels frequently on business, uses Tripit to manage his various

 itineraries. Tripit will share your travels to Facebook, if you choose. I always know
 when he is leaving, and I am alerted when he’s on his way home. I worry about the
 wife and teenage daughters when he leaves at home.

A recent Facebook post from county police confirmed the danger of sharing your

 travel information online. It points out posts mentioning travel or showing check-ins
 at airports or airline lounges can indicate travel – to bad guys.

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