Saturday, February 6, 2016

Family Tech: With this crazy winter weather, think about getting a snowblower – I did - February 5, 2016

Two weeks ago we had 24 or more inches of snow dumped on us as the Blizzard of 2016 blasted through our area. And just the past weekend, temperatures soared into the 60s.

We have wacky weather.

But let’s focus on those 24 inches of snow. We may not have another snowstorm again this year. However, with climate change, past winters are no longer reliable indicators for how often we will get major storms. We will have it again, and maybe even more next time.

This column tends to focus on the high-tech and new technology for the family. Unfortunately, there is little high-tech snow-removal technology.

You’d think with MIT being near Boston, those guys would come out with some sort of magic-beam gun to send the snow far away – but alas.

We finally bit the snow bullet in our home and went with the tried-and-true technology for removing snow, a snow blower.

I’d love to say we researched them carefully and negotiated with multiple vendors before choosing the one we wanted. Nope. We went out Wednesday night before the storm and bought the only model we could find at the nearest Home Depot that had them in stock--up in Falls Church. As we left Home Depot it took us more than three hours to get home since the falling snow caused havoc on the untreated streets and highways. That was the storm before the blizzard.

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