Saturday, July 30, 2016

Family Tech: Facebook Live and other video options now available - July 29, 2016

Facebook has made it easy to watch a church service, wedding, graduation, baptism or other family event with their Facebook Live feature.

If you can use Facebook, you can both create the video feed and watch it. Since many seniors rely on Facebook to stay in contact with family and friends they should be able to find the video feed.

Note: This column began in early July after a friend asked about live streaming her wedding later in the month. Just a week later, Facebook Live proved itself not only as a way to share family moments, but as a force of society when Diamond Reynolds streamed from the car moments after her boyfriend Philando Castile was shot.

Starting a Facebook Live broadcast is easy. Just aim the camera of your phone at the scene and touch the new post area, the one that says “What’s on your mind?”

Right below your name is the options to send the video to your friends or to the public. For a church service or a wedding, send it to public.

Below a series of options appears. One will be “Go Live.” Touch that and it starts sending video out.

Your friends should see a notification of the video and may begin watching it if they want.

Do a test at the actual venue before the date to make sure there is sufficient coverage.

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