Wednesday, August 9, 2017

My Pixel started playing the Morning Briefing podcasts at 50% speed

Every morning I wish my phone good morning.  Well, sort of.  After my shower, as I dress, I say "OK Google, good morning."

It then wishes me a good day, tells me the time, temperature, weather forecast and information about my commute.  It then plays the BBS Minute newscast, and an NPR news summary.

A couple months ago, the BBC came up very slow speaking. I thought it was just a case of wacky Brits. Maybe there wasn't enough news copy for a minute so they were being silly.

Then NPR's came up, also slow.

This has persisted through two monthly security updates and multiple restarts of the phone.  So today I'm putting in feedback to Google Assistant, and wanted this blog post to point at with more details then they might want in a feedback.

I know it is 50% because this morning I recorded to Audiology on my PC the full two minutes of the BBC Minute playing through Google Assistant, and then again through Pocket Casts.  And yes, Pocket Casts is set to normal speed.

If their is a speed setting for Google Assistance's playback, I can't find it. Nor can I find any other reports of this online.

Here is a 10 second sample of the BBC minute running at slow speed.

If I hear back from Google, I'll post here.

Update 8/26/2017 : The problem persisted after upgrading to Android 8.0 "Oreo". That prompted me to call Google through the support option in the Pixel settings.

The agent and tried several things,but what finally worked was uninstalling the Google apps updates (you cannot uninstall the entire app).  I then updated the app; downloading and installing the updates again, and it worked. Google Now was running, but he had me go through some steps to make Google Assistant come up. I do not recall those steps exactly and cannot find them online this morning.

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