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Five quick things about Evernote

One : Some confusion reined yesterday and today about the new Firefox 3.5 and the Evernote add-on for Firefox. A lot of people are reporting the add-in is not working for them. It wasn't for me.

Following advice I saw from someone on Twitter, I uninstalled the add-on, and then went and reinstalled from the Firefox Add-in library. It works fine now.

Two: Business Week came out with a great article about Evernote today.

Three: Evernote's Podcast #7 is up. These are always enjoyable and informative.

In this one, they explain how they decide what phones to release clients for, and when they release. Basically, they want to match the release with the excitement over the phone's release to gain the most new customers.

That's why the iPhone version 3 came out with the new iPhone 3gs, and why the Palm Pre version came out with the release of that phone.

They admitted Android and Symbian versions are in the works. I expect we'll see them when phones for those OS are released with a great splash.

Side note about the Podcasts. They start and begin with a user story called into their Google Voice number. The one on the end is a sterling sounding guy, if I do say so myself.

Four: In my Tips post two days ago, I forgot one advantage of having a directory watched by Evernote and having everything that appears in it sucked into Evernote.

Before Evernote, I was used to making daily notes or quick little notes into the Windows Notepad. I put a shortcut for Notepad prominently on my desktop, and still find myself clicking on it and entering notes before I can stop myself. No problem, I just save the file to my designated folder and the note is absorbed right into Evernote.

I also forgot to link to my own "Google Type Star Lists" tip I made on June 18 as another good tip.

Five: Evernote tonight announced the web version now has auto-save.

And this has nothing to do with Evernote, but I note tonight the passing of Compuserve. I went online first in 1980, and have been online ever since. My first ISP was Compuserve. That login is still part of my nervous system, 70145,114. Wow, haven't typed that in 15 years or so, but it tripped right off the fingers, so to speak.


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New January 2012:  If you like what I write about Evernote, check out my 136 page e-book,
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