Thursday, September 24, 2009

Common Evernote Questions on Twitter

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One search column I have going in TweetDeck shows anything anyone says on Twitter about Evernote.

The same questions often come up.  So I thought I'd create this post to answer some of them.  I am not with Evernote, so these are not official answers.  When I see these questions on Twitter, I'm going to reply with a link to this post. I hope no one considers it spam; I'm just trying to be helpful.

Does anyone use it?  Do you like it?  Love it!  It has become one of the programs I install any every new computer that comes into the house.  I just wrote about students using Evernote in the the local paper .and also an article advocating it for everyone.  I blog about it like crazy here.  Look at the bottom of this post for links to all I've written here about it.

What do people use Evernote for?  Here's a whole list of uses.

What should I do to get up and running fast on Evernote? I wrote a whole post about "Your First Day with Evernote"

Is there an Android app?  Yes!  They released on on 11-16-2009.  Download it now.  TechCrunch first had the news.

Is there a S60 app?  Again, not yet, but as of Nov. 30 2009, they have a Beta in their forums for the Nokia N97.  I am not able to try it.  Let me know how it works.

New Windows app.  In January of 2010, Evernote released Evernote 3.5.  It was a major upgrade from 3.1 and made the Windows version much more like the Mac version.

One exciting comment Evernote's CEO, Phil Libin makes about the new version:  "Now that we’ve made the investment in modernizing the Evernote for Windows codebase, we’ll be able to release future enhancement much more rapidly. Look for lots of exciting features in the near future."

Local Caching in Phones.  The iPhone got it just about Christmas of 2009.  I suspect the Android will have it soon.

How to do you highlight text?  Oddly, there is not a way in either the current Windows client or the upcoming 3.5 that is in beta.  The best I've found is you can change the text color.

Cool tip from one of their podcasts.  If you hit your free 40 megabyte upload limit for a month, you can go to Premium for $5 a month, and then suspend it after that month.  You go back to 40 megabytes a month.  Be careful though.  If you like any of the advanges of Premium, you won't have them when you shut down Premium.  And if you upload a file type not supported by Free while you are Premium, you won't be able to get it back while Free.  And later, you can re-engage Premium for another month if you need it.  They don't mind, they said in the podcast.

I've captured other web pages with Evernote Tips and recorded them in my links page (kept, of course, with Evernote as a public folder).

I have other Evernote posts here.  And my the homepage for this blog is here.

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